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Quick news from Velvetyne

Hey Velvetyne enthusiasts, we have several thrilling updates to share with you!

We're proud to present our new website!

It's a major overhaul. Dive into the details in our latest article. We've also decided to retire 29 typefaces from our catalogue, a tough but necessary decision. Learn more about this here.

Warm thanks to everyone who joined us in the launch party in Montreuil, to celebrate this new chapter!

Introducing BianZhiDai

We are pleased to release BianZhiDai, designed by Xiaoyuan Gao from Notyourtypefoundry. BianZhiDai is a typeface inspired by ASCII art shading characters and 编织袋 (woven plastic bags). This font is a playful yet sophisticated addition to our collection. Initially constructed in GDC (glyphdrawingclub), BianZhiDai thrives in color, especially when you experiment with different fill/stroke combinations. Its modular nature, developed in Glyphs, allows for endless customization. Try it, play with it, and make it yours.

> Download bianzhidai on

The Lineal makeover

This is a fresh take on our classic, Lineal. This update introduces lowercase letters, additional symbols, and a range from Thin to Heavy weights, all while preserving the vibes of Frank Adebiaye original design.

The transformation began in 2019 with Anton Moglia, who reimagined and expanded Lineal's family. Following this, Ariel Martín Pérez contributed to further enhance language support, and improving kerning and spacing.

> Download this new version of Lineal on !

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