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[NEW FONT] Please welcome Fungal 🍄

Velvetyne introduces Fungal

A variable fork of DejaVu Sans that can grow like mycelium.

In 2022, Hato press invited Raphaël Bastide to do a publication part of the zine series. In a wish to revive the “fan” part of fanzine, Raphaël Bastide decided to pay tribute to Wikipedia, a surviving, precious, unequaled place on the open WWW. The 16 pages riso print zine shows the encyclopedia’s interface as a post-human vestige, an artifact invaded by biomorphic figures and spreading typography. Through the pages of the zine, the reader discovers how the graphic elements are spreading like mycelium, creating an ornamental graphic network. A live web version of this page exist and you can visit it here.

Raphaël Bastide approached his longtime friend and Velvetyne collaborator Jérémy Landes to give life to his idea of a molding typeface. They designed the characters of the zine so they can grow and spread thanks to their variable design. Fungal is a fork of DejaVu Sans, a libre font, popular on Linux systems. To view all authors involved in the creation of Deja Vu Sans, head here.

The hyphæ of the mycelium growing from each glyphs can be controlled in their length (the Grow axis) and in their thickness (the Thickness axis) allowing to fine tune the density of the rhizome growing on the page and the legibility of the text in the same move.

In short

Get the zine from Hato Press
See the web version of the zine
Learn more and download Fungal on our website

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