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Jgs Fonts release!

Jgs, a typefamily designed for Ascii Art.

Velvetyne is pleased to welcome Jgs font by Adel Faure.

Adel Faure is a polyvalent artist whose practice is rooted in digital formats of all kinds (video games, music, visuals, typography, etc.), with an emphasis on autonomous production software tools.

Jgs has been specifically designed to draw ASCII art. Its bitmap look and its shapes accentuate the ambiguity between text and drawing. The "graphic" properties of the characters have been exaggerated considering the way ASCII artists use them.

Jgs Font is a font family made as a tribute to Joan G. Stark (a.k.a. jgs, Spunk), a pioneer of ASCII art. 

In short

The story of Ascii Art — English version
L'histoire de l'Art Ascii — Version Française
Learn more and download JGS on our website
Visit Adel Faure Website

Last updates

Basteleur V2.1. Thanks to the contribution of George Triantafyllakos, Velvetyne introduces Greek support for Basteleur Bold and Basteleur Moonlight.
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Grotesk V3.0. This new version introduces new weights that are multiplexed, which means that you can change the weight of the font without changing the width of the paragraphs. This new version also presents some subtle optical corrections. Last but not least, it considerably expands the glyphset of the font with a brand new lowercase set as well as language support for Russian, Ukrainian, Tifinagh and many Latin-based languages. Thanks to Ariel Martín Péréz for his contribution!
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