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Bye 2022, hi 2023!

Bye 2022, hi 2023!

We hope this email finds you in a safe and healthy place and we wish you the best in these troubled times. This year, we will continue to maintain the foundry and host new typographic gems, to enrich the small world of libre softwares, and empower everyone to express in unexpected ways. The Velvetyne team wishes you a great new year.

Quick recap of 2022

Basteleur Moonlight (update) by Keussel
Pilowlava Cyrillic (update) by Maksym Kobuzan
Picnic by Marielle Nils
Backout (update) by Ariel Martín Pérez
Degheest Family by Ange Degheest & cie
Fungal (fork) by Raphaël Bastide & Jérémy Landes
Sligoil by Ariel Martín Pérez
Amdal by Walid Bouchouchi

Our plans for 2023

  1. Update our site to a lighter and more minimalist version.

  2. Launch an online shop to sell some goodies we have.

  3. Upgrade the elder fonts of our catalogue.

Help us to continue!

You have the means, you like our fonts and activities, and you think that what we do is important ? Please consider donating to our non-profit organization.

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— The Velvetyne team