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Velvetyne is back ✌️

Dear friends, we have two good news and a bad one.

  1. We are thrilled to announce that Lithops, by @DaytonaMess, received the Type Directors Club's Certificate of Typographic Excellence for TDC69. Well done Ando!

  2. That occasion lead us to the REOPENING of our website. Here we go! Thank you for your patience, and your support. That means a lot.

  3. Opening our website after 51 days of strike doesn't mean the struggle is over. We still consider the French government to be irresponsible and harmful to the people. It is a fallacious way of using laws to push through a dangerous, capitalist, and neo-liberal political agenda that is not aligned with the climate crisis. We are deeply worried about the authoritarian turn that the French government is taking, which opens the doors to the extreme right. We hope that the demonstrations will continue to hold out, as we cannot stay silent towards this social regression. Our fonts are libre and open source, and we wish to see them convey our anger.

Velvetyne Type Foundry